L'attacco dei pomodori assassini.

Takashi Shimura as Watanabe, the bureaucrat doomed to die from cancer, in Ikiru (1952, dir. Akira Kurosawa) 
“Occasionally I think of my death … then I think, how could I ever bear to take a final breath; while living a life like this, how could I leave it? There is, I feel, so much more for me to do — I keep feeling I have lived so little yet. Then I become thoughtful, but not sad. It was from such a feeling that Ikiru arose.”
-Kurosawa, quoted in Akira Kurosawa: Interviews

Issey Miyake

Dontonbori, Osaka (by king jai)
Pokémon Ep. 136 - Chikorita’s Big Upset チコリータはごきげんななめ!?